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Loss Adjusting

Loss adjusters are experts in many fields, but we are a master of “One”, the true value is in the expertise and knowledge of the marketplace and the products involved.

We are able to concentrate on one area of expertise because it is what we do best and know…….Tools & Plant!!!

The advice we are able to offer will be what the client needs and is guaranteed to save time and money in the process

Our service is to provide to the customer a solution to your own losses or “hired-in losses”!!

Through the event of time, many companies are paying far too much in compensating hire companies for the misfortune of losing equipment that has been procured, for doing a job at a budgeted price which will have been factored for that particular job. But unfortunately they not only have to pay for the loss/theft of a piece of equipment, they are usually having a ‘double whammy’ of paying an inflated price for that equipment. Resulting in seeing their premiums rise with their insurance companies for the following year, assuming they are in the position to have taken out insurance in the first place.

Most customers do not have the time, experience, or resource to challenge the price they have been invoiced, on a loss, and do not know what the terms of that transaction involves.

We at Tool and Plant Sales UK Ltd have all the necessary experience to handle this for you that can save you the trouble on the loss you have to pay, and allow you to get on with the more important things in your business.

The support we offer, but are not limited to:

  • We can digest the terms and conditions you have signed up to and advise accordingly
  • Negotiate your loss on your behalf with the hire company direct
  • Discuss your contract with your insurance company or broker
  • Enable to advise whether the loss you have incurred is fair
  • Offer you negotiating techniques to negotiate direct
  • Offer you direct replacement equipment at a fair price
  • Agree a margin based on an agreed saving
  • Restrict any potential on-going hire charges
  • Service is offered whether insured or not

More often than not losses create animosity between parties and can easily be resolved through proper and agreed discussions. It will save you money, help the hire company to paid on time, and allow the replacement to be sourced much quicker for their fleet. This all equates to all parties being ultimately satisfied and allow you to continue business as normal without having to look for a new supplier or the hire company looking for a new customer.

It’s so simple to resolve and all parties will be content.

John Brown | Non Executive Chairman Henry Boot PLC
"The knowledge, combined with the expertise of developing a world class supply chain platform, creates a state of the art provider of equipment sales.
Tool & Plant Sales UK has emerged to offer an alternative solution to hire which ultimately delivers exceptional value " John Brown | Non Executive Chairman Henry Boot PLC