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Asset Disposal

We are set up to support your business in the disposal of your assets that are no longer used because they are:

  • Surplus to requirements
  • Antiquated (out of date)
  • Non-Compliant
  • Not cost effective
  • Creating a bad image

This is a list of many reasons why you need to dispose of assets because they tend to be a detriment to your business without you realizing it ,a common factor in some businesses is that they usually wear the machine into the ground without realizing the hidden consequences this may cause, notwithstanding the health & safety issues that accompany this.

When you buy an asset do you really factor in the “whole life costs” associated with your equipment or do you just buy to facilitate a need?

The knowledge and experience we can provide would be to analyze your stock alongside you and advise on what is best to keep and what is best to get rid of, we can ultimately give you sound advice on what to dispose of dependent on age, model and wear (mechanically & visually) !!

The resource we have in place would allow us to get best price for your asset even allowing you in most cases to make profit on your disposals that are no longer needed and are just an hindrance by taking up space that can be better utilized for something else.

For a small cost we can take away all that hindrance from you and protect your brand or we can also offer you a trade in for anything you buy new from “Tool and Plant Sales UK “

We are here to support all consumers whether you are an individual person or a multinational company, we can satisfy your requirements at anytime.

Graham Edgell | Director of Sustainability and Procurement | Morgan Sindall Group plc
"Tool & Plant Sales UK offer a unique service enabling the decisions on hire versus ownership to be made simpler based upon experience and best practice, once the decision has been made the solutions on offer have proven to be both competitive and have delivered value due to the close manufacturer links secured by Tool & Plant Sales" Graham Edgell, Director of Sustainability and Procurement, Morgan Sindall Group plc