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Lathom Scaffold Tower Hire

Lathom Scaffold Tower HireWhatever kind of Lathom scaffolding tower hire you need, we can provide it. Our wide range of scaffold towers Lathom is sure to fulfil your access needs. A Lathom Scaffold Tower Hire provides you with a solid platform that varies in size depending on your specific requirements.

Prices begin at £25 per week for a 2.2-metre platform height Lathom access tower with a 3.2-metre handrail height. We can provide Lathom scaffolding towers of up to 9.2 metres platform height at the price of just £95 a week – the total height including handrail is 10.2 metres. Both single width and double width Lathom scaffold towers can be provided at a total length of 1.8 metres. Delivery and collection to your address or site in Lathom is only £10 each way (that’s £20 in total), and it costs £100 for us to erect and dismantle your Alloy tower Lathom.

Lathom Scaffold Tower Hire Company

We can provide both Single Width Lathom Scaffold Towers and Double Width Lathom Scaffold Towers  - each type is a total of 1.8 metres long, but the width varies: Single Width Lathom Scaffold Towers are 900mm Wide - Ideal for working in smaller spaces, alleyways and so on, whereas Double Width Lathom Scaffold Towers are 1500mm wide - allowing more room to on your Lathom project.


Cheap Scaffold Tower Hire Lathom

Lathom Aluminium Scaffold Tower Hire from Tool & Plant Hire UK is the cheapest way to hire a Lathom Access Tower and safely work at height. We specialise in hiring scaffold towers to the residents of Lathom, and we will not be beaten on Lathom Alloy Tower Hire price. Delivery and Collection and from to your Lathom address or site is £20 (£10 Each Way), to Erect and Dismantle your Lathom aluminium scaffold tower will cost £100 and all Lathom Scaffold Tower Hire Prices we quote are Subject to VAT.